Huskespil 2

Træn din hukommelse og lær at læse det kyrilliske alfabet. Herunder finder du bogstaver, som ikke svarer til latinske bogstaver. Gå til dette huskespil for at se de kyrilliske bogstaver, der svarer til et latinsk bogstav.

Prøv at finde parrene så hurtigt som muligt, så du kan komme på topscorerlisten!



High Scores

1Emils0:17in 50 moves
2xX_SkullTrooper_Xx0:18in 18 moves
3this ain't it chief0:19in 42 moves
4trump 20200:20in 20 moves
5Socialism has never worked0:20in 20 moves
6I ehthsyrsrtsbgf0:21in 48 moves
7Make Europe Great Again0:21in 24 moves
8DEmocrats TO AMERICA = DiE TO AMERICA0:21in 21 moves
9The only progressive thing of B!den is his dementia0:21in 21 moves
10aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa0:22in 22 moves
11The only progressive thing of B1den is his dementia0:23in 34 moves
12So why do good girls like bad guys0:24in 24 moves
13Mrs Hendey0:25in 30 moves
14bitch lasagne0:25in 68 moves
15Noooo0:27in 27 moves
16Dolan_Darkest0:29in 56 moves
17Plutoman0:29in 28 moves
18nato0:30in 30 moves
19mašaaa0:30in 30 moves
20mis0:30in 30 moves
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Matching these cyrillic characters correctly

(as Ch in CHair)
(as GI in Buon GIorno)
(as J in Jar)
(as ñ in España)
(as Sh in SHower)
(as LL in Mallorca)
(as CI in CIao)